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A day in paradise

Big Hole River: Melrose station-490cfs Glen station-585cfs

Had we not caught one fish yesterday it still would have been a great day. This is absolutely the most beautiful time of year to float the river.

The fish did cooperate and we caught several on streamers and dry fly’s. We started with a hopper pattern and didn’t have much success so we went with a #14 adams that worked really well. Most of the fish were only 10 to 14 inches but there was a lot of action. In one particular stretch of river where it splits into several different channels, we were getting a hit on almost every cast. Although it was bright and sunny and not the best conditions for streamers we tried them any way and had good results. Most of the fish on streamers were between 14 and 18 inches. Late in the day we tried the hopper pattern again and this time it worked.

All in all it was a great day to be on the river and to top it off on the way back through Melrose we stopped at the Hitching Post resturant and Art bought prime rib dinner. Can’t beat that.


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