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A Bit Warm

Big Hole River 774 cfs Beaverhead 800 cfs

The afternoons the past couple days have been getting pretty warm. Surprisingly the fishing has been better in the afternoon at least for me. Small patterns in the morning and bigger patterns in the afternoon when they aren’t looking for any particular hatch but mainly attractor fly’s. There are no spruce moths yet and the hoppers are just starting to appear. For those wanting to throw streamers for big fish you need to get yer butt out of bed early and be on the water at first light. By nine a.m. it’s about over with for the streamer action unless it’s a cloudy day and thee aren’t too many of them this time of year. The mountain creeks are starting to fish very well now that the flows are dropping on them. Royal Wulfs, Trudes, Humpy’s (brook trout love red) and stimulators should produce.

Thanks for all the comments on my farewell to Donny.


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