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Big Hole 316 cfs Beaverhead 124 cfs Jefferson 534 cfs

I just thought I had tomorrow off until a guy walked in the shop today and asked what time to meet in the morning. Sure enough after checking the book, he has reservations for tomorrow. I shouldn’t be telling on myself but I would have caught it in the morning.

As I was coming out of the mountains with a load of wood and traveling along the river I noticed the Fish and Game shocking boat doing there thing. I pulled over and watched them for awhile. It’s amazing the amount of fish they bring up when they throw that electric prod. That is the process they do for their fish count. What was really amazing is that about a hundred feet behind them the fish were feeding on the surface. I thought after getting zapped with that prod they would be all screwed up for awhile but apparently not.

The forecast for the weekend is for much cooler with rain and snow about 6000 feet.

I’m looking for a Newfoundland or Great Pyrenees pup to replace my old fishing buddy “Gus”. If any body knows of one, please let me know.


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