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Big Hole River 504 cfs

My hat is off to all those involved fighting the Pump Station fire. They got after this fire with a vengence starting with the local fire departments and on up to the helos, slurry bombers and the ground crews who have to do the tough dirty work. Most of them are in tents across the road now and there must fifty of them. They pretty much got a handle on the fire today and tomorrow will be mopping up.

Fishing today was good with a few spruce moths starting to show up and the fish were eatin em. This afternoon how ever the best action was on a para adams.

I was just thinking maybe I should go over and tell all those guys in the tents that the fire up on the rocky hill side has burned all the cover for the rattle snakes and that they are probably moving down where they are camped tonight. Naw, maybe I won’t.


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