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Big Hole River 5400 cfs

I’m not even gonna touch these last two comments as I reckon these guys are way outa my league.

Global warming, climate control, earthquakes etc. didn’t mean a damn thing to me this afternoon on the river as I got wet and cold and was shakin like a dog poopin razor blades. Mike and I were going to a quick R & D run and it was cloudy but calm and nice when we put in. I should practise what I preach and always go prepared for the worst but I didn’t and paid for it. A light shirt and rain jacket was it for me and as I was shakin I thought I must be gettin senile as I know better. Mike was no better off and he’s a young guide with supposedly all his senses and he was shakin worse than me……but we’re tough seasoned river guides and we can handle it, riiiight.

It was a very successful run as we nailed 3 browns over 20 inches. Mike, who has done most of his guiding on the Bitteroot was in awe as all these fish had shoulders and all caught on streamers of course.

I don’t think this rain will bring the river up again as it was not that heavy but just cold and steady.


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