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Big Hole River 655 cfs

The action started this morning on top water and continued all day. Today was probably the best day on dries for the past couple weeks—not probably, it was. John and Judy who are in there young age in the early 70’s are both excellent fly casters. They own a farm in North Carolina and love to fly fish. Most of their fishing back home is with nymphs so they had a big treat today. Half way through the trip I told Judy you caught enough fish for one day and let’s just float on out. She didn’t even comment but I read her mind, saying are you kiddin. Big attractors, caddis, and mayfly patterns all worked. The thing is with John and Judy, they are both great casters and very seldom tangle with each other. Also they listen very well, allthough I have to raise my voice a bit as they both are a bit hard of hearing. When I yell left or right they immediately like in unison both turn and cast that direction. Never do they question where I tell them to cast. Bottom line is they are great to fish with and get results. It’s one of them days where you shoulda been here today.


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