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8 Pound Brown

Big Hole River 188 cfs Beaverhead River 472 cfs

Yesterday John and Judy from North Carolina were in my boat and at the start they indicated they hoped it would be a better trip than the last two they did on the Missouri. In two days of fishing there and with a guide both days they said they caught one fish. My first thought was they must be really bad fly fisherman. I have been on the Mo. when it was tough but never that tough. I was expecting the worst but after we got going and they started to cast I was pleasantly surprised. There was not a thing wrong with their casting. Within five minutes Judy hooked and boated an 18 inch brown on a chernoble ant. Through out the morning she caught 5 more in the 17 and 18 inch range. Tricos, caddis and small hoppers all caught fish but a #12 royal wulf probably did the best—go figure.

On Friday we went to the C. C. Dam on Chuck’s advise and what a time we had. I caught an 8 pound brown, Art got a 6 pound rainbow and we caught numerous fish 2 lbs and up. It isn’t very technical fishing but it was different and I’ll have to admit it was a lot of fun.

Two bolts of lightning hit on the hill just now above the house and the clap of thunder immediately following actually shook this old house. Fortunately it is now pouring rain. Had it been dry lightning I’m sure that hill would now be on fire.

The Big Hole is low but is hanging in there. Water temps. are moderating with a high temp. of 65 today which ain’t bad.

The Beaverhead continues to drop and fishing on top water continues to improve.

I have had reports from some that they have not been able to send comments on this site. If you have tried and have not been able to submit a comment please email me at and I’ll see if we can get it fixed.


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