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26 Incher

Big Hole River 1350 cfs—-Maidenrock

Yesterday morning Roy stopped in the shop to arrange a shuttle. I showed him a fairly new pattern and suggested he might try it. I could tell by his facial expression he was not sold at all but being the nice guy he is he bought a couple and said he would try them. He called this morning and said they had good fishing and got a really big one. I asked what pattern he caught it on and there was a couple seconds of silence and then he fessed up. It was the pattern I suggested he try and then come to find out most of the fish they caught were on that fly. If you want to see what pattern it is you will have to come to the shop. I have been chastised by other guides for giving out way too much information in the past. I will say most will be very surprised to see what it is.

The river continues to drop and the fishing is getting better every day. Forecast for up to 60 tomorrow and then much cooler the rest of the week.

If you drive on Pump Station road during the week be careful as trucks are hauling big rock to the site for construction of the new dam. Actual construction won’t start until July. Be prepared for the river to be closed to floating during peak construction from Silver Bridge to Divide Bridge. Being on the advisory committee for this project I was asked what I thoght as an outfitter my opinion on this possible closure. With all the activity that will be going on with cranes and excavators placing these huge rocks I would have no problem with closing it. I called most of the local outfitters and they agreed to the temporary closure. Safety and the time frame they have to do this job just makes sense to close it.


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