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Born and raised on a cattle ranch in Southwestern North Dakota, Al Lefor is no green-horn. As founder/owner of Great Divide Outfitters, Al is one of the most experienced river guides in the area and has been a licensed river guide for 25 years. His favorite river, is of course the Big Hole because of it’s unique nature. Whether you prefer to fish pools, riffles or rapids, there’s something for every fisherman on the Big Hole. From wild-flowered alpine meadows, to canyons and cottonwood bottoms, it’s little wonder why Al loves the Big Hole river.

Favorite Dry Fly: Carlson’s Purple Haze
Favorite Nymph:Oversized Bead-Head Pheasant tail
Favorite Streamer:Pumpkin Bugger, Olive Rabbit Tail Bugger

Art Bivins grew up on the central coast in Santa Maria, California and received a Forestry Degree from San Jose College on a football scholarship. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he was introduced to commercial Salmon fishing in Alaska. After thirty-eight years of hard work, Art acquired a 58ft Purse Seiner, a crew of five and a life-time of experiences he wouldn’t trade for the world. Retirement as a river guide in Divide, Montana has become his life’s calling, and he’s been living that dream for the past five years.

Favorite Section of the Big Hole:Fish Trap in the Spring, Jerry Creek to Maiden Rock in the Summer.
Favorite Dry Fly:Golden Stone Fly, Blue Winged Olives
Favorite Nymph:Stone Flies in black and brown, Bead-head Pheasant tail.
Favorite Streamer:Pumpkin Bugger on overcast days in May.


  1. Mark Cockrill

    AL: Is there much catching going on in your area of the Big Hole by wade fishers?

    If so, would you be willing to mark some “Xs” on the map of a fisher from Sheridan,


  2. Great to see Art with a big “yella belly” in his hand. Ben and I talk often of the fun we’ve had on the Big Hole with Art. He’s one heck of a guy!!!

  3. Nice guide pic buddy. You look older in that shot. Distinguished.

  4. My wife Vickie and I fished the Big Hole with Art and fell in love with it. Art created a special crawdad-like fly that Vickie thought would make great pair of earrings. The fly was named the “Vickie Special”.

  5. Thanks for posting my lost rod and reel. My phone number is 206 9498 8389..we must have had a bad connection on my cell, therefore the wrong number being listed.
    I much appreciate your posting.I will be back next year and will book a trip. I share some of your experiences..purse seining in Alaska being one. See you next summer, i hope to get lucky on the rod. Roger

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