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Where’s the rest of my fish

The clouds were toying with us much of the day making it tough for sight fishing at times. When we figured we were not going to get any sun for awhile we would go to the edge of a deep channel and blind cast clouser minnows for what ever lurked in those depths. Eric hooked a mutton snapper and a jack within a couple minutes. He released those and on the next cast hooked into a bigger mutton. By the time he landed the fish it had lost some weight. In other words all he had left was the head as a bug cuda or shark had cleanly severed it at the shoulders. He couldn’t understand what had happened to his fish until I told him that after all this is the ocean and there are predators that lurk in these deep channels just waiting for an opportunity just like that one.

The best one today though was when we spotted two bones and he made the cast and hit one right on the head and it blew out of the country. What I could not believe was the other one that was right beside it charged in and ate the fly. This was some thing you rarely see.

The Big Labowski wanted me to let every body know that he found all the conch today and is totally responsible for the conch salad and cuda dinner we are having tonight.

Dan Delekta and his friend are going to the west side tomorrow and JP and Eric are going to the Joulters. The weather is getting back to normal and so are the guides and fisherman. I look forward to getting reports from both areas. Art, Jim and I are going into the back country in search of bones, permit and tarpon.


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