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What The Hell Do I Know

Big Hole River 254o cfs (and dropping)

Yesterday I predicted the river would continue dropping due to the cool weather, the damn thing came up 600 cfs last night and pretty much blew it out. I guess I have to polish up my crystal ball. It got up to 2700 today but is dropping now and with my newly polished ball I’m definitely going to say it will continue to drop. It will take a couple days to start fishing again.

I had kind of a humurous report from my roving reporter on Andros. He has been going out by himself and the other night he met a couple guys and invited them along. It turned out the one guy knew every thing there was to know about fishing for bones, permit and tarpon and didn’t hesitate to tell him about it. He also knew just about every thing else you wanted to know but couldn’t think of them right off hand. Tony took him to the place where they had found the permit and in about twenty minutes had some thirty feet in front of the boat. He landed the fly right on top of them and gave a violent strip. The permit blew out and are propably in the Florida Keys by now. Later they went to the tarpon spot. It didn’t take long and Tony saw two no more than forty feet away. The guy turned around and looked at Tony and said “those are sharks”. The fish swam by within ten feet of the boat and the guys buddy commented, “those don’t look like any sharks I ever saw”. About this time Tony had enough and fired up the motor and took them back to dock and then proceeded to go back out by himself only to get drenched by a heavy down pour—–not a very good day.


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