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What’s happening on the Big Hole

Big Hole River at Dickey Bridge

The spring thaw on the Big Hole River is happening ever so slowly, and a lot of folks are airing up their rafts and itching to get out on the water. We are feeling the same way!

There are some floatable sections of river on the Big Hole, but early season hazards do exist. If you are headed this way, keep a few things in mind: – There may be large ice blockages in spots you can not see from the road – Watch for fallen and sunken trees – The river is still low and cold (last week, our average night time temperature in Wise River was 2 degrees)

If you choose to float, pick a short one and take your time, in case you do encounter some ice jams. The Big Hole is still frozen above Jerry Creek. Conditions are changing quickly, and we will try to keep you up to speed as the river melts off!

The fly shop will be opening for the season on April 1st! We are looking forward to seeing everyone again. We will still be encouraging masks while in the fly shop, and appreciate everyones cooperation with this. Hopefully as the year goes by, we will be able to say goodbye to our facial coverings!

Cheers to 2021.


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