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What A Day

Yesterday we got into the bone fish at Youngs Sound and I hooked and lost one of the biggest ones I have ever had. The problem is the nail knot will not hold on that mono-core fly line. The same thing happened on a big cuda the other day where it stripped the butt section right off the line. This bone was in the double digits and it made me sick when it broke off. I really like that Rio Bonefish Taper line but I’m gonna have a little talk with them later. The high light for Jim on Youngs Sound was that we found several big conch so fresh conch salad was had by all on our return. The ride over there was fine but the wind picked up during the day and the trip back was a bit rough. We had three to four foot seas and it took almost an hour to get back. We took a couple waves over the bow and the bilge pump was working over time. That Carolina skiff is just not made for rough water.

Today was great, the weather was lousy and we were dodging storms all day but we got into bone fish any way and cuda fishing was excellent. We caught several big ones and kept one for dinner for us and Gogie and his family. Sandy got a great picture of a water spout about a mile away. All these storms today seemed to come in on the same tract and we were able to avoid them. I was getting a bit nervous after seeing that water spout and kept a close eye on these squalls to make sure we had an escape route. When they started to get too close I headed back to the dock.

Needle fish patterns are the hot ticket for the barracuda and I thought I had plenty but they are only good for one fish as they are completely tore up after they get ahold of them. Fortunately Art sent me another batch which arrived today. On the shallow flats up Fresh Creek a #6 blind gotcha seems to be the best. Many of these flats are laced with coral and there is nothing worse than have a big bone charging your fly only to have it hang up on the bottom which has happened to me several times.


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