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We Have A Winner

Big Hole River 3300 cfs–Maidenrock

It looks like Jim Glabman was the closest as he predicted June 1st and a flow of 8050 and the peak was 8020. Now this guy has a crystal ball that really works. Jim wants to donate the fly’s to Casting For Recovery and Wounded Warrier Project which is mighty nice of him. I would ask Jim to comment and give us all a little more info on these two projects.

Fishing on top water with the big bugs has been spotty. I went up river and it was hit and miss. I heard reports that Maidenrock to Browns was the ticket. Problem with that is at times you have to take a ticket and get in line.

Yesterday we caught an 18 inch brook trout on a streamer. That is a big brookie on this river. Today we hooked into a huge brown on a salmon fly pattern that headed upriver and never stopped and snapped a 2x tippet.


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