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Update on restrictions

Southwest Montana continues to be hot and dry. There are further restrictions on the Big Hole River: – Full Closure on Section I (Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadows Road to North Fork Big Hole River mouth) – Hoot Owl: Mouth of N. Fork Big Hole to Dickie Bridge, Dead Zone (Maiden Rock FWP) to Tony Schoonen (Notch Bottom) – Full Closure: Tony Schoonen to confluence with Beaverhead River.

Again, we encourage all anglers to monitor water temperatures throughout their day, and reel is up when water exceeds sixty eight degrees. The good news is: The Trico hatch has been pretty steady most days, and the fish are eating them well. Further good news is that the tricos come off in the morning, when water is cool. So, get after it early and then find some shade and a cool beverage. Or take a hike to a mountain lake, that water is nice and chilly.

Some of our favorite trico patterns are: Juans 180 #20, Black Comparadun #18, Guide Winna Spinna #18, Purple Haze #20. When the trico hatch ends, toss on a hopper or ant, maybe drop a small perdigon underneath, and fish some fast riffles.

Stay cool out there!


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