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Up and Murky

Big Hole River 1210 cfs

The heavy rain we had two days ago took off lots of the low snow and the river has been rising ever since. The visibility is marginal at best. The ice is starting to break up on the upper river and that always keeps things messed up for awhile.

We took a drive up as far as La Marche Ck. to check out the tributaries. The Wise River is still frozen over for the most part. Deep Ck. is flowing lots of water and murky. Above that all the creeks are still frozen over.

As soon as the river levels off and the visibility improves just a bit it then is time for the big boys. All the biggest fish we have caught in the past years is when the visibility was 2 feet or less.

Can you believe this one? Art unpacked and repacked again this morning just to make sure all was there and in it’s right place. It’s a good thing we are leaving tomorrow before he wears the stuff out. As for me, I’m still looking for half my stuff, I think the dogs buried some of it.

My next report will probably be from Andros Island. As I mentioned before, Peter Skidmore will be doing reports from this end and knowing him and his pals there should be some good ones.

There are still a couple lingering problems on this site mainly in the comment section. The administrator is working on it and it should be fixed soon.


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