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Tricos, Ants, Hoppers

Big Hole River 324 cfs Maidenrock

Got off the ri ver about 3pm and it was time to get off. Not that water temp was a problem or anything like that but we had enough fish for the day. Not kiddin one bit. I can’t believe some of the rumors going on about the Big Hole. Oh well.

Best pattern of the day was the ant. Mid morning the tricos did ok but after that it was the ant that ruled. Black got some fish but the cinnamon was hot. John and Judy have been fishing with me for several years and Judy boated the biggest brown trout of her life. Now of course it depends who is fishing and with the low water, presentation is critical. This couple could get it done. There were a couple times when some big fish were sipping in really shallow, slack water and they were lined just a bit. But this was enough for them to blow out of the area. You realize how big when you see this big wake streaking across the shallows. We also got some attention on hoppers.

One other boat went by and those guys were nymphin. I guess I just don’t get it. Again not to demean nymph fisherman but when the top water action is that good????


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