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Big Hole River 353 cfs

First of all I better apologize to Greg as I lamblasted him pretty hard about his fly fishing skills. On the other hand he was skilled enough to stick that 20 incher and boat it. I have no doubt that my comments regarding his fly casting has him mad enough now that he is on his lawn every day with that fly rod and is now casting 60+ feet with total accuracy. I hope that’s the case and if so, mission accomplished. Course next time here he will probably book with another outfitter that will be nicer to him.

Yesterday we got into several pods of feeding bows. Problem was they were pretty spooky and required a minimum cast of 40 feet with an almost perfect presentation. Late afternoon it was hoppers and super beetles getting the action.

Next couple days are forecast for about the same warm bright conditions. Weekend looks to be cooler with some showers.


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