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Big Hole River 831 cfs—-Maidenrock

Yesterday top water action was pretty good and today was pretty bad. When you see me going down the river with nymphs you know it’s pretty bad. The wind blew most of the day which blew the bugs off the water—what few bugs there were. Yesterday was good with cripples, slammers and just conventional adams. Today it was resorting to the turd and a worm.

As for the flow of the river for this time of year you could not ask for any better water conditions. Hell a couple days ago I floated from Fish Trap down to East Bank. Normally by now that would be out of the question. It’s actually pretty good fishing up there. There is a lot of non productive water where it’s wide and shallow. You just push through those areas and go from deeper runs to the other. The fish are concentrated in these deeper runs and the fishing can be great. If you figure on going up there be ready to be held up in the construction area for at least half hour.


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