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Too Damn Hot

Big Hole 732 cfs Beaverhead 472 cfs Jefferson 1070 cfs

And I thought it was hot here. I got a call from a guy over in Billings who wanted to arrange for a shuttle and to get some fly’s at 5:30 tomorrow morning. When I told him it was 92 here he couldn’t wait to get here as it was 107 in Billings. When it’s this hot he definitely has the right idea, go real early and take a siesta in the afternoon.

Chuck Robbins, who is the author of the new book titled Fly Fishing Montana and myself are going to do a R&D trip to the Jefferson River tomorrow. Now I’m not so sure that’s such a great idea as it is usually hotter in the Jefferson valley and they are predicting north winds. All the reasons to not go over there, but you don’t know if you don’t go. If the trout fishing is bad maybe we can tie into some carp. Chuck has mastered the technique for sight fishing for these guys, which he also explains in his book. I have only caught one carp on a fly rod and I’m here to tell you it’s quite an experience. They remind me of a horse-eyed jack in the Bahamas, they just keep going and don’t give up.

If you would like to get a copy of Fly Fishing Montana by Chuck Robbins call the shop at 406-267-3346. They sell for $29 plus shipping. There is a life time of fishing in this book. With all the information he gives in this book you would think he has to be at least 120 years old, but he doesn’t look it.


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