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Tommy’s Report

Tommy Kee is a Bahamian guide on Andros and knows the island about as well as anyone. He just sent me a report on a quite typical day guiding for him:

I fish today for Stafford Creek Lodge and started the day off meeting a couple guys from Toronto, Canada. Bill is the fisherman. Sun high, no clouds, the first flat I try there is no fish, the second flat no fish, the third flat the pressure is on, out of the water comes a tailing fish, then two, three and then thrity. Bill puts the fly 5 feet to the left of the first two fish and one sees the fly. I say to Bill, strip, strip, the fish is going for itand what does Bill do? Try to set on the fish with his rod tip. He screws this up and the fish is gone. Bill and I are having lunch, talking about the kids and enjoying the surroundings. Lunch is over, Bill is having fun and I’m worried about getting a fish in the boat. It had to be a ebb tide. I couldn’t figure out the tides, some of the sand banks were high and others were low. My fourth flat, I got the boat in shallow, Bill and I walk a little and out of the sand about sixty tailing fish. Bill lays out a cast, fish on. Am thinking the tides high, an hour later its going down and am thinking I’m in deep shit, so Bill and I are dragging the boat to deeper water.So Bill’s back to fishing, he sticks another one, fish on–now having a happy day It’s daylight saving so we going over normal time. See more fish, Bill lays one out and another fish on then off. I say to Bill, lets pack it in and go home. and that end another wonderful day on the flats at the Joulters on Andros Island.

Now a little about the fishing here on the Big Hole. I still have not gone personally but the few that have are doing very well. Yesterday in the mid afternoon it was cloudy and calm. I took a walk down to the river and the fish were on top water for awhile after midges. Did a shuttle for a couple guys yesterday and they were into fish right off the gitgo. Speaking of shuttles, the shop is still not open (but soon) and if anyone needs a shuttle or any thing else please call me. 406-267-3346.


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