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The Sabbath

Big Hole River 626 cfs

Remember to keep holy the sabbath and not work on that day. I can’t remember which commandment that is but I’m obeying it today and that is what I told an outfitter friend of mine when he called and asked if I wanted to do a trip for him today. A day or two off once in awhile is good for the soul not to mention ones attitude and patience level.

The river continues to fish very well with mayfly patterns and yellow sally’s on top. I will have to admit that the nymph fisherman have been catching the bigger fish lately. Big attractor patterns will get big fish early in the morning and in the evening. Also if you want big fish get on the river at about 0500 and strip some streamers. Not only will you have the creek all to your lonesome but you will hook into some big boys. Once the sun hits the water forget the streamers. I thought about doing that this morning but then I remembered it was the Sabbath so I rolled over and went back to sleep.


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