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Big Hole 157 cfs Beaverhead 250 cfs

I would like to thank every one for all the comments and e-mail I have received regarding the loss of my newfy (Allie). Amos, the young great pyrenees is trying to fill the void but at times I think he is slightly retarded. Actually he’s doing fine.

Don’t forget to comment on that proposed fishing regulation on the Big Hole as the dead line is Friday the 14th for comments.

Roger and his friend have been having a blast fishing the Wise River. Yesterday they went to the Beaverhead and his friend got a 23 incher on a hopper.

I’m gonna start packing my fly rod on the dozer as I’m working just a few feet away from Warm Springs Creek on that reclamation project. The Creek looks great with a good flow and their are some seams that I know hold some fine brown trout. Chuck Robbins told me that he has fished it where it flows right through Anaconda and caught several nice fish.

Speaking of Chuck, he wrote an article which just came out in this months edition of Montana Sporting Journal about fly fishing for carp. Very interesting reading.


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