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Big Hole River 1340 cfs—Maidenrock

Last couple days the fishing on top water has gotten a little tougher. The fish aren’t slammin the big attractors like they were with all the clouds and rain. Yesterday morning it was absolutely dead but the afternoon picked up ok. Today the morning was a little better and afternoon about the same. There is not a lot of bugs hatching and what there is the trout are getting pretty selective. It’s just a bit more finess fishing which is a challenge.

Yesterday I thought I was gonna choke. I saw a huge brown trout go for my clients fly and he had his head down looking at his line he was standing on. I sucked in air to yell to set and at that second I inhaled a bug. I think it went straight to my lungs as I was coughing like crazy. It wasn’t a caddis as I have swallowed plenty of those before. I think is was a yellow sally as it had that waxy taste. I’m sure it went into my lungs and is probably laying eggs there now. So by next summer I’ll be hacking up a hatch—–no I don’t smoke those left handed cigarettes, just a little tired and a bit rummy.


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