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Surprise, Surprise

Big Hole River 4430 cfs (still rising) temp. 58

We put in this morning at a place we call “The Bank”. I pretty much had my clients convinced that we were basically going for a boat ride and it was a nice day for it. We discussed going to the Missouri, fish the pond or float the Big Hole, they voted for the Big Hole. These guys could fish and were hitting the pockets perfectly. About a half mile down the river it paid off when Mitch hooked up with a 20 inch brown. A short time later Mark got an 18 inch brown. Through out the day Mitch hooked three more in the 20 inch range. There were a lot of dead spots but it was well worth the trip. Conditions were about as bad as they get with a rising river, bright sun and poor visibility but the fish gods were smiling down upon us. I had scheduled them to fish the pond tomorrow but they told me that if we don’t go floating the river again, I ain’t gonna get paid, so guess where we are going. The river is still rising and we might get our butts kicked but you don’t know if you don’t go.


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