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Super Day

After a few days with the bones being elusive they showed up in waves today. We were fishing just east of Lulu’s Island across the channel. The first small flat we checked out only produced a couple fish. When we got on the bigger flat across the channel there was nothing for some time and I was just about to pole off and go to another spot. The area where the flat started to narrow down to deeper water is where things started to happen. At first I spotted a small school of about six coming right at us. We plucked one out of that bunch and while we had it on another larger school was coming at us from the same direction. This flat is composed of small brown coral and with all the sun you could see those black spots coming from a long way. For a couple hours the fishing in that area was about as good as it gets. I almost thought I was at the Joulters with all these schools coming at us in waves. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


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