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Streamers, Dry’s, Nymphs

Big Hole River 1800 cfs (Maidenrock)

It was a cool, rainy, breezy day which is perfect for streamers but it was a slow start this morning. We went through some great water with very little action. After awhile the rookie started to kick in again and was landing 16 to 18 inch trout on a fairly regular basis. At the end of the day he was clearly top gun again. Wally has been very generous by letting the rookie have the front of the boat all the time.

Late this afternoon we got into a little top water action with some baetis, mostly smaller fish but fun anyway. I told Wally to try this certain skwalla pattern and it got the attention of some bigger fish.

The guys in James boat pretty much stayed with nymphs and had good success.

All in all it was a another good day on the Big Hole but kinda boring compared to yesterday. No near naked people in the willows, no banjo music in the background.

We did see an amazing sight with two canadian geese on steroids. They thought they were eagles as we watched them land on this narrow ledge on a high cliff. There they were with their webbed feet hanging on this ledge and squaking their heads off at the river and valley below.


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