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Big Hole River 365 cfs Maidenrock

After an extended time of bright sunshine and warm temps and good dry fly fishing the streamer action is here. Good news for streamer junkies all over the world. Last week I even got a couple more hooked on this most addictive habit. Mornings were pretty much dead with top water action so even with the bright sun we managed to hook a few with the swinging method. Once they were hooked up it was all over and the addiction takes place immediately. They go from gentle fly fishers with so so nice casts with dry’s or lobbing nymphs on the dark side to raging ripping streamer junkies—and I caused it all, guilty as charged. They will never be the same, even their wives notice a difference in them when they come home. They stand a little taller and there is a never seen before brightness in their eyes. If you think I’m feedin you a lot bull on this subject, just ask the buggerman.

Got a few new pics of the progress on the dam and they should be on the comments tomorrow.

Almost forgot—-last week we caught at least 4 grayling a day, more than any other time of the season. Good to see that action.


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