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Still Winter

Big Hole River 1800 cfs

There was a comment from Andy that seemed to chastise me for talking about global warming and really not believing it. Actually I have seen enough scientific evidence that it probably is a fact.

Now this morning you would have a hell of a time selling that idea to me and a lot of other people here in Western Montana. We woke up to 8 inches of new snow, the temp. was 3 degrees above zero (which meant in the upper Big Hole Valley it was probably 15 below zero), the river was choked with slush ice and there were ice crystals in the air–which only happens when it’s damn cold. The high temp. today was only 30 and it will drop to near zero again tonight. The date is April 21st. The forecast for the next few days is for more snow and cold.

With all this said if you were here and went into one of the local saloons up river and tried to sell the global warming thing—-you might find yourself stuck head first outside in a 6 foot snow drift and no—Al Gore would not be around to pull you out. At times it’s fun to just ramble on.

The river is dropping and visibility is now back to about a foot. If it would warm up just a bit by the weekend it would fishin again. Right now it’s a bust.

Tony continues to send comments from Andros Island about the fishing and other activities there. I have received some negative words about reports from Andros Island. If you don’t like em, don’t read em.

On this site I have tried to promote the fun with fishing with a fly–no matter where it’s at. I try to give the personal side with all it’s humor, up times and down times whether it’s on one of the many rivers here in Montana or on a remote flat on Andros Island. The joy of catching a 12 inch grayling on the Big Hole River or the joy of catching a monster 12 pound bonefish on a saltwater flat. Nuff said.


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