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Still Hit and Miss

Big Hole River 550 cfs—-Maidenrock ,  Beaverhead River 796 cfs—Barrets

Dry dropper is still probably the most effective means of producing fish. Early morning and evenings streamers are working. Yesterday with some clouds a black wooly bugger worked great for awhile.

I for one am glad most  of the Rainbow People have left the Big Hole Valley. There are those who say they are just peaceful loving people living an alternative life style. From what I saw here by the shop were dirty, filthy, panhandling, thieving motly bunch. One came driving up on just a rim and he wanted us to just give him a tire. A couple more wanted gas money and were pretty aggressive about it. When I told them to leave, they said “hey dude, what’s your problem man” I said your my problem butthole, go take a shower and get a job.  OK I’m done venting on that issue for now.


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