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Low tide was about 11 this morning and there was just a very light breeze out of the west. Perfect conditions for going to Somerset Beach and creek so I borrowed Herman’s jeep and headed out there. I found 3 huge schools of bones but all 3 were heading out toward the ocean. I was just a couple minutes late getting to my ambush spot. South of Somerset Creek and a few hundred yards off the point there is a small blue hole. At low tide the surrounding water is about a foot deep. This hole is only about 30 feet across but is loaded with fish. You don’t see them but almost every cast stripping a shrimp pattern across it produces a fish. Most are snapper, porgies and blue runners. I found myself spending a considerable amount of time there and why not, it was a no brainer and it was fun.

It looks like I will be buying a perfect island vehicle. This truck is a early 70’s model and looks every bit the island rig with the rust etc, but it runs good. Only problem is the steering as you can make 2 complete turns of the wheel before any reaction. Hank’s mechanic assured me he could fix it no problem mon.


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