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More bonefish

In this photo the trained eye can easily pick  out that school of bonefish. So Erik, Tony, Sean and the rest of the guys I hope you appreciate I gave up an easy cast to get you guys this photo. When I finally put the camera in my  pocket and made the cast—-I flock shot them and spooked the whole herd. Wind caught my fly and you guys fault trying to get  a  pic. That’s my story anyway. Next school I  saw I left the camera  in my pocket and picked a couple  nice ones from it.

I saw lots of fish there but most real spooky. Somerset gets  hit pretty hard from guys on base at AUTEC. However it’s always fun to  fish there  simply because it’s easy wading and visibility is great  with mostly light bottom. Also you can wade  all the way into Young Sound at low tide and then work your way back.


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