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Snakes Alive

Big Hole River 940 cfs

Outdoor writer and photographer Chuck Robbins sent me the picture of the snake. It was on the river bank between Brown’s and Glen. Just a big ole Bull snake—these are the good guys. The birds that lived in that hole were not too happy and that is what alerted him to it’s location. I’m sure he was just having a little snack of a few bird eggs or so. He looks very contended.

Fished up high yesterday and it is starting to get pretty skinny in places. Best up there is to blowthrough the slow shallow places and jump from deep run to deep run. The fish are concentrated in these runs and there is lots of them. Some brook trout are extremely fat.

I have heard the general fishing around here has been a bit slow this week. With the temp. getting to 90 on Sunday it’s best to fish early and be done by noon. If you go early enough you should have good success.

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