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Slight Rise


Some pretty heavy rain showers the last couple  days has spiked the river up to 4450 cfs at Maidenrock. Not to worry as it is starting to drop and should drop rather quickly. It is amazing for the middle of July and still running this much water.

At this flow and down to 3000 cfs there is a dangerous back curl on left center of the pump station dam rapid. Low side and skiffs should avoid this for now. There was a skiff that sunk there a couple days ago. If your good on the sticks you can pull hard right as soon as you drop in the boat channel and pull  out of it.

ANOTHER ROD RECOVERED. If you remember about a week ago I posted the loss of a Winston rod in the river. Well a lady called yesterday and she found it and it is now on it’s way back to the owner. It was lost in the river and  what were  the odds  of finding it?           Now we have to find that blue Baltec raft that was stolen. There was a rumor it was spotted in the Glen area. If you see it any where, call me or Jennifer Parnell immediately.

Not much for  dry fly fishing yesterdayy but the streamer junkies had a fantastic day. Doug and Art did a short trip yesterday morning and boated around 20 using streamers.


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