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Big Hole River 1810 cfs—-Maidenrock Beaverhead River 270cfs—-Barrets

A fellow outfitter and friend called last night and he was an emotional mess. He said “dude I had two great fisherman today in the boat and we got skunked”. He then asked if I ever was skunked and I told him not to my memory. This is the same guy who has been calling almost every evening telling me how they killed them again and had great numbers of fish. What happened was he was fishing the same river but this time it came up 500 cfs over night. The old saying, “never fish a rapid rising river”. This time he got burned. I will say it was not the Bighole but a river to the west of here. After he hung up the phone immediately rang again and it was him. He said I just had a terrible thought that you are going to report this on your site, he said “your not are you”?. I said of course I’am and for the next ten minutes he begged me not to use his name. We finally came to an agreement where he is going to be rowing me down the river a few times. So it goes to show you be careful what you say and who you say it to, it just might cost ya.

As for the Bighole river it has cleared slightly. By that I mean it doesn’t look like chocolate milk anymore. With much cooler temps. on the way I think by this weekend it will be fishing again.

A friend of mine just bought a custom made raft trailer from M&M company in Missoula. He asked if I would go along to check it out and give my opinion. I wasn’t too keen on the idea until he told me he called the guy to get directions and he told him it was right behind Hooters. Upon hearing this I agreed to go along. We got there and he said he would buy lunch at Hooters. Wow what great looking food they have there. First time I ever been to one. Bobby called today and said that trailer is ready to be picked up and do I want to go along tomorrow. I asked if we were doing lunch again at the same spot and he said of course. We need one of those places along the Bighole.


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