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Skinney Water—Big Fish

Big Hole River 633 cfs

Really good day today with lots of brown trout in the 16 to 19 inch range. Still not a whole lot of bugs on the water and the early morning was super slow. It was so slow this morning on top that many went to nymphs and stayed there for the rest of the day—–big mistake. We took most of our fish in places where a person would think there could not be any fish in that water. Even Wally who has been fishing with me for quite some time was surprised at the places I had him cast to and was producing fish.

The flies we were using were just standard mayfly patterns but the presentation and where the fly was placed made the difference. Wally did have some of his own patterns he tied that worked really well.

Just to give you a little hint. If your floating down the river and the left side looks really good with nice deep water and the other side looks super shallow and barren—–forget the good lookin side and cast to the barren shallow lookin side. You just might be pleasantly surprised.


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