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Shoo Shark

Yesterday Zoe made reservations to go diving out of Coral Caverns lodge down at Cargill Creek. I drove her down there and Lucia who is the owner of the lodge offered to drop Dave and I off on a flat while they went diving. She said she would take us out across the bight to Big Wood Cay and I jumped at the chance to fish new water and I have heard about the big fish in that area. The flats were great with light sand bottom and easy wading. We spotted a couple big fish right off the gitgo but they completely ignored the fly. This happened time and again with the big fish we found. I changed patterns at least four times to no avail. Nearing the point I found a couple large schools of small to medium size fish. These were more cooperative but there were three sharks constantly circling the school. Dave hooked one fish and it didn’t take long for the shark to come after it. I told him to either break it off or horse it in quick and grab the leader and pull it out of the water. He got in and pulled it out of the water a second before the shark was on it. So there he was holding this bonefish out of the water with the shark underneath it and he was yelling “shoo shark, shoo shark” Finally the shark swam away in a confused state wondering how his dinner suddenly flew out of the water. We hammered away at these two schools for about an hour and had to repeat that same action with almost every fish. The first one scared the crap out of Dave but after a few more it didn’t bother him at all with sharks swimming around his feet.


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