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Shapin Up

Big Hole River 5850 cfs

The flow is dropping and the river clearing. Depending how much rain we get tonight and tomorrow, fishing conditions for next week could be excellent. Forecast for mid week is high temps in the low 60’s. That means the Mothers Day caddis could be popping out. Last year they came out May 30th and the river was really high. Not many people were fishing it because of the high flow but the top water action was great. You just have to fish the weak side of the river and back waters. Many of the feeding fish were tucked way into the willows and impossible to get at.

The rain we are getting now is light and if it stays that way through tomorrow, fishing will be good most of next week. Then with warmer temps that high snow will start to come off and the river will come up again.

By tomorrow evening (Monday) I should know what conditions will be.

Call anytime for latest report.


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