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September is maybe the best fishing of the year. It is for me at least. No crowds, cool water, and good flows. The mornings are cool, the afternoons com fortable and theres no one here. Tricos, hoppers and best of all blue wing olives and streamers make up the list of flys to use. I fished last night till dark, about two or three hours. A dozen fish, including a 19 inch brown, a 17 inch rainbow and the rest were 12 to 15 inchers. A PMX, size 14 did the trick, and there was no there but Tony and I. You have to love it. Al and I fished Jefferson on Sunday. The fishing was slow. We caught some really nice fish, maybe a dozen. One rainbow was all of three lbs and built like a NFL linebacker. It was a bright sunny day which I am sure had a lot to do with the fishing. We love that cloud cover. I have a lot more storys to tell but I will save them for another day.


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