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Secret Fly’s

Now if you catch  a mess  of mutton snapper like Gogie  is holding you will have  many friends on the island. That  is not a real big one but decent and fun catching and more fun eating.

I see by several comments I will have to more discreet in telling certain people about some secret  fly patterns. It apprears some of you are are taking after that Snowden fella.   So from now on, new secret patterns will remain secret. As for getting off the dock—-why?

I didn’t think the road going north could get much worse than last year but it did. Some of the pot holes are no longer pot holes but blue holes. It is unbelievable how bad it is. Several local guides are no longer going to the Joulters as it is just too rough on their vehicles and trailers. They don’t have to go that far anyway as the fishing up the creek, Bowen Sound, Young Sound etc has been great.


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