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Salmon Flies, Kittens, Giant Browns, and Private Water

I just got off the river with two gentlemen that love to throw streamers.  Unfortunately today was slow as hell.  The water is on the rise, but clear, and the fish were just a little slow on the chase.  We did land a couple nice browns and a rainbow all said and done.  There are no salmon flies that I have witnessed, regardless of the reports.  Even digging around in the rocks I have seen very few nymphs.  The goldens are VERY thick, and will probably make up the bulk of the stone hatch.  Some people think that goldens are salmon flies, but I have one at the shop on the counter if you are confused, its as long as your index finger, so come by and take a look, entomology is a huge part of fly fishing!  The May flies are coming out early in the morning, but the fishing has been slow on top with the prevailing winds.  I have had a few great fish eat big stuff on top this last week, but not today.  The caddis are coming out around 4pm, but again, with the river rising there were very few fish feeding on them.  I did notice a big brown was sipping a few of those #18 black caddis (Hemingway) in the middle of the day, but that is a hell of a fly for a me to see, much less a client, and he spooked easily.

I am headed to the Beaverhead River tomorrow in search of better streamer fishing.  The river is in good shape, lots of boats, but those fish don’t seem to mind.  I will report back on my findings.

I went and checked on some of the private water, and the fish are doing great, i.e. giant rainbow pic.  Those fish are healthy, happy, and HUGE.  I have not fished the Kambich pond yet this year, but will do some R and D with Al this weekend.  We will also be heading to the Jefferson to see if those big boys are ready to play with us as well.

The shop has been doing great.  Busy as hell!  Thank you to those that have been coming in and listening to my BS and checking out the new inventory of flies, Scott rods, and buffs.  I would like to announce that Lizzy just had another batch of kittens!  They are very small, so don’t think she is going to let you see them just yet.  We found them in the garage last weekend and it looks like she had 2 survivors again, I’m thinking of naming them Mend and Set…

The proof is in the puddin….


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