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So it’s been a few days since I’ve written a report. Just been lazy and repeating several oh lords through out the day. Let’s see now what has been happening for the last week here on Andros? Bahamian guides Tommy Kee and Benri Smith have been hitting Red Bay and doing very well up there. That’s on the NW side of the island and holds lots of stupid bonefish. They got one shot at a tarpon but missed it. My friend Rory from Wise River, Mt. and Hank went offshore to the south buoy on Saturday and only got 3 dolphin and one decent wahoo. Saturday was a beautiful warm day and I was just hanging around Hank’s as I told him I would open it for the staff in the afternoon while he and Rory went offshore. I was leaning on the rail of the dock looking out the channel when I noticed Audrey on the boat. Audrey has been coming here for about 30 years and lives on her boat in the channel here during the winter. I yelled to her if she wanted to go bottom fishing. She yelled back she had work to do but 10 seconds later hollered to pick her up. We went out toward Goat Cay where my buddy Gogie had shown me a couple spots. I couldn’t find the deep hole he had showed me so we tried this one area with no luck. We moved on with Audrey laying on the deck of the boat looking down for coral heads and she found them, about four of them in about a 30 foot diamater. We anchored there and threw out our secret bait and had action right off the gitgo. In that same spot we caught mutton, gray, and yellowtail snapper as well as some grunts and porgies thrown in,it was a blast. Audrey said it was about the same spot where Speedo and Lulu dove for lobster around those heads but she could never find it. Linda said she would gps the spot but I told her the only gps I have is in my head and it is temporarily down for maintenance. Audrey gave me my share of the fillets and I had the chef here at Hank’s season them and served them up on a big platter for all last night. Last couple days the wind has been ballistic and looks like rain for the next two. Bod wetter mon, oh lord.


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