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Red Bay

I just got a report from John W. who just got back from a week’s fishing trip at Andros. He booked Herman for two days and the first day they put the boat in at Red Bay on the north west side of the island. He stated that for forty miles they were the only boat out there and the bonefish were big and plentiful. The next day they went to Fresh Creek and Bowen Sound. Fresh Creek was a bit of a bust but Bowen Sound was good with big schools of bones. He caught one nice cuda which Herman speared with his push pole and threw it in the back of the boat only to remember it two days later.

It was cool and a bit breezy this morning here on the Big Hole. This afternoon the conditions were perfect with warm temps., cloud cover and no wind (which they had predicted but never happened) I didn’t go fishing but took the dogs for a walk along the river and there was some top water action as there were lots of midges coming off. I watched a couple pools and only saw small guys coming to the top.


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