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Pickin Up

Big Hole River 317 cfs Beaverhead River 440 cfs

The action is picking up with some of the best results using the ole hopper-dropper technique. There are still a few tricos around in late morning. Also in the afternoon bigger adams, purple haze are working. For the streamer junkies, if you get on the river at first light you will definitely get some action. It looks like Sunday there will be more clouds and cooler temps moving in so that will be better streamer conditions. Brook trout fishing in the higher creeks including the upper Wise River has been excellent.

The river is at a level where only a raft is practical. I still see a couple hard boats going down and I sympathize as that is probably all they have. The problem is that as they go banging down through the riffles the trout are gone.

Remember the brown trout are in shallow riffley water and bows and whitey’s in the deep runs.


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