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Peak Flow


You can never bribe Amos with food. Most of the time like this when ever I give him that biscuit and hot dog he will hold it in his mouth for up to half hour before eating it or then go bury it.

The river is currently at 7400 cfs and Maidenrock and where will it top out and when?      This is the latest list of predictions:

Scott  8900 cfs June 15th. Tom r. 9500 cfs June 17th. Sean 8795 cfs June 1st. Wayne 8160 cfs June 4th, Jim 10,000 cfs June 6th. Tony 8870 May 23rd. Pat H. 9800 June 25th. Bob A. 9450 June 13th. Dave G. 4444 June 7th. Rick. Mt 9700 June 23rd, also Rick at 16,200 May 18th (musta been smokin something then) Ron S. 13,500 June 9th, and mine I think was June 7th at 11,200.

If I missed anybody let me know. There will be some kinda prize, I just haven’t decided on what yet. The lines are still open so check your crystal ball and see what you come up with.


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