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Peace and Quiet

Big Hole River 1960 cfs

It was nice yesterday afternoon to put the boat in at the Divide access and float to Maidenrock and not see another boat. Fishing was pretty good also, started with nymphs and finished with streamers. The float trip on Saturday was a disaster. The fishing was terrible and every time I pulled over to let the boat hatch go by they would just keep coming. Most of them were pleasure floaters but there was a ton of them.

I didn’t have a float trip today but this evening I took the Newfy’s for a walk down to the river and as always packed my fly rod along. There was a break in the rain but still heavy overcast. I tied on a #10 chernoble ant because at least I could see it. I could hardly believe it when the first fish whacked it. After four more fish it was totally trashed, the rubber legs were gone and the foam body was shredded. It was the only fly I took along as I was basically taking the mutts for a walk. There was no hatch going on and as I looked over the river, there was nothing happening. As I have said many times, when there is nothing happening, tie on a big attractor and test the water. Why they hit that thing, I have no idea. I suppose I could make something up but I’ll leave that to the fish scholars.

Fish beware, the buggerman is on the way.


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