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On Island

I arrived on the island 4 days ago and have still not gone fishing. Just kind of hanging around enjoying the climate. Kind  of doing the  same thing  as my friend in the  picture. Enjoying a Cuban cigar, Bahamian Kalik beer and waiting for Speedy to finish making a conch  salad while relaxing in his yard down at Bering Point. Actually I was quite content in that chair for some time and made the mistake of getting up for a sec and she took right  over.

Speedy was pointing out some flats just across the road from his place on the North Bight. Big bonefish , up to a 15 pounder his son caught recently.  That is a huge bonefish. I didn’t have my fly rod with as this was just a leisurely Saturday afternoon trip mainly  to get one of his famous conch salads. Next time I’ll get serious.

I believe Hank and I are going  out bottom fishing tomorrow  off  the reef. I think it’s about time I kicked  his butt as I was pretty humiliated last year. This time I’ll make sure he throws the chum off my side of the boat also.

Yeah, not only did she  steal my chair, she also helped herself to my cigar and beer.

I did forget to mention that the legendery Charlie Smith was there at Speedy’s. It was fun to visit with him for awhile. He also invited me to come out to the Bang Bang Club and stay with him a couple days out in the North Bight.


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