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OK Back To Montana

Big Hole River 375 cfs

Had a comment about that’s enough about Andros and bonefishing now how about Montana fishing. I’m sitting here watching the snow fall and quite heavy I might add and I just can’t get Andros Island and the bonefish flats out of my mind for some reason. Honestly I will get back to reality just as soon as old man winter decides to let up a bit here.

Most mornings there is an abundant supply of slush ice on the river with temps. getting down to the teens just about every night. Around noon it is all gone and fishing is actually very good with nymphs and dead drifting or swinging buggers. No skwala action yet at least in this neck of the woods but as soon as it warms up just a bit it will happen.

Above Wise River at East Bank, Fish Trap and above the river is still froze solid. Your pretty safe to float from Jerry Creek all the way down. There is about a 3 foot chunk of shelf ice at the Maiden Rock access so it would be a bit difficult taking out there. Putting in would be no problem as you just kick the boat off the ice and jump in and your on your way. Just don’t miss the boat on that first jump.


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