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Ocean Flat

Temp. 84 Wind, south at 6mph Seas calm and perfect conditions to head out to this ocean flat which we have been doing the last couple days. Yesterday we got into lots of fish but they were pretty spooky on the out going tide and some long casts were called for. This morning we also got into lots of fish and I mean LOTS. It was high tide but I decided to check out the deep mangrove hole any way. I was letting the boat drift with the very light breeze and we were in about 6 feet of water. I looked up and saw this black wall coming and it was a school of bones that was almost beyond belief and they were not small ones. I dropped the fly in front of the pack and let it sink just a bit and a half dozen fish charged it on the first strip. For almost the entire time I had that fish on parts of this school kept coming—it was quite a sight to see. We drifted through that deep water 3 more times and got into fish each time. By this time the water was getting milky from the big muds all around. We left there a bit earlier than planned as there were some real nasty thunder storms approaching and it’s a pretty long run back.

Hank’s Place is closed on Sunday but this morning Hank and Eva treated us and a few of their friends from the base to stew conch for breakfast out on the dock. It was a great way to start the day.


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