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Now’s The Time

Big Hole River 565 cfs—Maidenrock

Top water action for the past couple days has been quite good—let me rephrase that to say it has been very, very good. Between the spruce moth, mayflies, and hoppers it’s really happening. There aren’t a whole lot of spruce moths but just enough for lots of fish looking for them. With the tricos just a day or so away it will complete the top water scenario.

Now for non-fishing matters again. I’m with Korea Marc in telling Mike to thank his son who has just returned from his second tour to Afganistan. When ever your traveling and in an airport any where in the country and you see a man or woman in uniform, just take a couple seconds and tell them, thank you. You will not believe what that little gesture will do for the morale of that person.

Back in the late 60’s when I was in uniform there were not too many people other than your parents and grand parents who were proud of you in uniform.

There is one thing that happened to me back in those days that I will never forget. I was traveling on leave trying to get home for ten days before being shipped overseas. I was on a plane from San Diego to Denver with a stop in Phoenix. On the first leg of the trip I happened to be sitting next to a WWII vet. He was a great guy and the converstion went to where I was going to where he had been and he had been through a lot. We landed in Phoenix and more people were getting on the plane and it was filling up. Flying military standby I was getting concerned about getting bumped and sure enough here comes the stewardess and she says I have to get off. Well this old WWII vet was having nothing to do with it. He told her I could have his seat and she said no that I was on military standby and had to get off. He got quite belligerent, grabbed his jacket and told her in so many words he was getting off and he was giving his seat to me. He shook my hand, wished me luck and got off the plane. To this day I will never forget that kind gesture. That’s why when traveling and you meet a person in uniform, take just a couple seconds in your busy life and just say, thank you. Well there I go ranting again.


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